Two Possible School Calendars- Which is Better?

Lia Zarate, Staff Writer

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Have you ever had one of those school years where it seemed to go on and on and on? Or one that seemed to go by in the blink of an eye? Blame the school board for that. They are responsible for voting on how long the school year will last. This year they decided between the two calendars that would change the length of the next school year.

Calendar A begins August 22 and would have an eight day winter break, not including weekends (December 21-January 1 with weekends). The school year would end on Friday, June 5. Calendar B starts the same as option A, but has a 10 day winter break, not including weekends (December 21- January 5 with weekends). The year would end Tuesday, June 9.

The school board voted on the school calendars on December 11, with the large majority favoring option B.

For the official calendar click here.


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