Football Team Takeaway

Jack Hayes, Staff Writer

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The Heritage Pride Football team suffered early in their season having to tackle many issues including injuries, losing the head coach, and adjusting to a new schedule.  The team tried to overcome all of the challenges and make it to the playoffs.

Quarterback Brett Johnson talked about the issues they faced this season saying, “At the beginning of the season we seemed to be in good shape even after losing our head coach, but as we got later in the season the injuries caught up to us.”  Johnson believes that some of these injuries were big factors in certain games.

Finishing the season with a record five wins and five losses the team was disappointed when they did not get in to the playoffs.

Tight end Collin Bridge  has been playing for about four years now and this is his second season at Heritage. According to Bridge, “If the team works hard in the weight room and on the field before next season they will have a good shot at making the playoffs, the team is focused and excited for next season.”

Although the team is losing some off their better players in the class of 2019, they hope that they can create the best version of the team that they can be.  Hopefully they will tackle the odds and competition next season and bring home a title.