How to be Internet Famous

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How to be Internet Famous

Nate Workneh, Staff Writer

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Everyone wants to be famous, but everyone may not have what it takes. Being famous on the internet has been a growing trend starting from when YouTube and Vine grew immensely. People can become famous for so many reasons like a meme, overnight sensation, a long and time consuming grind. Even a new, relatable face that everyone likes, being funny, and a famous person talking about that person can bring fame.

One person was Ted Williams who became an overnight sensation with a viral video of his amazing radio voice. He was out on the road asking people for help and performing on the streets to stopped cars. But out of nowhere, he finally got his break and became internet famous, got a job, and now is living a normal life. Another person is Alex from Target who got his fame from one viral tweet on Twitter. He soon appeared on talk shows like Ellen and grew a large following on Instagram.

So what does it take to make you internet famous? Well according to Medium, there are eleven steps you should follow to become famous. Some good recommendations are to cross-promote your dedicated hashtag/s. Promote a hashtag that is easy to understand and remember. Also, mention it on your profile, posts/comments, and even just spread the word with your friends.

Another tip is to participate in massively popular conversations. Use other  hashtags to get you media out there. This exposes your brand or personal to multiple categories that people can associate you with.

In addition to the previous tip, be descriptive in your photos. Post engaging pictures with meaning that tell a story without many worlds. According to the article,  a good example is National Geographic. The picture they post captures a message that the viewer can enjoy and share with others.

Other tips are to be connected and interact with influencers. This opens your branch of friends and connections to other people. You can do this by following influencers, commenting, and turning on post notifications so you see their new posts.

In conclusion, if you follow these tips and have patience, you will be an internet sensation in no time.  

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