Heritage High’s Science Night

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Heritage High’s Science Night

Abdulah Khan, Staff Editor

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Science night is an event hosted by Heritage’s National Science Honor Society (NSHS) at local elementary schools to give children an opportunity to learn about interesting subjects. The event is held around three times per year and run by student volunteers from both the National Honor Society and and NSHS. Our school’s most recent science night was at Francis Reed Elementary on December 6th. Senior Nate Workneh was interviewed on his experiences at the event.

“We go over different topics with the kids like magnets, pressure, light and magnification” said Workneh. “I just find it really fun to help teach younger kids and watch their face light up when they learn something new.”

Science Night is a great opportunity to practice working and interacting with kids. The kids ask questions and try to learn more about each subject. The students prepare in advance to prepare for questions. Overall it’s just a fun experience for students interested in STEM.

“We set up tables that have to do with whatever we want to  talk about and the kids walk around from table to table.”

The event lasts two hours from 6pm to 8pm after school, however volunteers come in before the event starts in order to help with the setup which usually takes an hour. Once started, a handful of elementary students along with their parents come to the event. Nate recalls meeting a lot of new kids and befriending them quickly.

“At our tables we all had different experiments going on. At my table we showed demonstrations with magnets.”

Each table has a unique topic with experiments to keep the elementary-schoolers enthralled. There were different demonstrations all over: experiments with motion, light, magnets and a variety of others.  

“I really enjoy Science Night and can’t wait for the next one.”