Juul: Not Much of a Jewel

King K. Ruul says

King K. Ruul says "No Juuling in school!"

Aron Singel, staff writer

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Smoking. Dangerous as it may be, there are many that partake in this cancer on a stick. Now imagine that stick having multiple times the toxicity. That is the danger of smoking E-cigarettes, such as the popular brand Juul. It is bad enough that these drugs are being marketed to adults as a safe alternative to smoking, but it is even worse that these products are ending up in the hands of young teens.  Research indicates that teenage use of e-cigarettes like Juul has been increasing dramatically, especially in in the past year.  Teens have been Juuling in various public locations, such as school classrooms and public bathrooms.  Teens sometimes don’t know much about the effects of these harmful drugs, only that it is supposedly “safer than smoking.”  Going into further detail, critics as well as reporters have found that these electronic cigars were using flavors such as fruit and candy to lure kids into buying these products and unknowingly hurting their health and lives. There have been previous lawsuits about e-cigarettes in national court, but as it currently stands, Juul will still be on the market up until 2022. Until then, more and more teens are at risk of fighting a lifelong addiction to nicotine.