CLBL: A League for Everyone

Mackenna Myers, Staff Writer

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 CLBL is an extracurricular activity that many teens and children do in their past-time. Why do people like CLBL? What’s the hype all about? Three CLBL players are here today to fill us in. First, we need some more information about these stars! Thomas Bernard (69) plays many different positions, ranging from point guard to shooting guard. Alex Preble (20), plays small forward, and Makayla Davis (0), plays point guard.

So, what do these talented players enjoy about CLBL? Thomas Bernard (69), likes CLBL because he can “have fun with his friends”. Alex Preble (20), enjoys CLBL because “It’s a fun experience where I can mess around with my friends. It’s not serious like Heritage.” Makayla Davis loves CLBL “Because it’s fun and it’s not a big commitment.”

Contrary to our other players, Thomas Bernard wouldn’t recommend CLBL to players who are just getting started with high school Boys Basketball “because it’s very intense. I would start lower maybe.” On the other hand, both Makayla Davis and Alex Preble would recommend CLBL to players just starting with basketball because  “it’s a really good teaching tool,” and  “it teaches basic and beginner skills.”

So, what is the record for these players’ teams? Bernard said that his team is undefeated currently. Davis’s team is 2-1, and Preble’s team is 1-2 in “very close games”.