A Doughy Debate: Which Restaurant Has the Best Bread?

A Doughy Debate: Which Restaurant Has the Best Bread?

Erin Crowley, Staff Writer

We’ve all been there: going to a restaurant, famished, and finally ordering food…then waiting for what feels like an excruciating eternity…and then…what’s that? Is it, perhaps, the food? It comes ever near, and you think you can almost smell it.

But then, the waiter takes a wrong turn.

It’s someone else’s food. Oh, how the tables have turned. There’s only one thing that could possibly make up for this betrayal.

The bread.

Here are some of the best places to go when you feel you need to get this bread.


Olive Garden

Mmmm…breadsticks. If you are a fan of buttery, salty sticks you feel like you could eat forever, Olive Garden is for you, bro. 10/10 would eat again. Overall rating: 8/10

Outback Steakhouse

I find the bread from Outback to be rather interesting. Presented on a cutting board in the form of a full loaf, it comes with butter and a lovely knife on the side. Very exciting for the consumer. However, say goodbye to portion control if you’re truly a fan of this bread. The taste is somewhat sweet, but not overly so in my opinion. The butter…oh the butter… is absolutely exquisite on every level. Its slightly whipped consistency makes it easy to slather, and its slightly salted taste balances out the sweetness of the bread wonderfully. 9/10.

Red Lobster

Unlike most restaurants, Red Lobster has cheese baked into their signature buns. Personally, I quite enjoyed eating one, but only one. Don’t get me wrong- they are very tasty, it’s just a bit much for my taste buds to handle. They also contain extra garlic, so perhaps a mint or two afterwards wouldn’t be a bad idea. 6/10.

Sweetwater Tavern

I must say, my expectations for this one were high. After listening to previous consumers talk about how delightful their experience was, I knew this couldn’t have been any average bread. I frankly didn’t know what to expect when I went to try these ravishing rolls out for myself. The main bread, known as Ozzie Rolls by the restaurant staff, is presented in a basket- perfect for splitting with friends or family. The bread itself is a sweet dough topped with butter and a touch of salt, and comes with a sweet butter on the side (creating a taste comparable to a fresh donut, but better). Absolutely amazing- was not disappointed. 10/10

There you have it folks. The best bread in town belongs to the one and only: Sweetwater Tavern. That’s right- Panera Bread who?  So if  you’re ever around the river, remember to pick up some of those sweet rolls.