2019: New Year, New You

Kaley Scherrer, Staff Writer

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Since it’s the start of 2019, many people have once again created New Year’s Resolutions to try to stick with for as long as possible. Students at Heritage also participated in this annual tradition. The most popular resolution is to lose weight or exercise more. In an anonymous survey, Heritage students weighed in on what personal changes they would like to make in their lives for 2019:

“I want to not only exercise, but also decrease the amount of stress in my life. I’ve always wanted to do this, and this year I’ll taking another crack at it.”

“I really want to learn more about music production. I’ve been  interested in this subject for quite a bit and it is important to understand. There are a lot of parts to music production.”

“I’d really like to be a better person in general. It will start the year off positively.”

Most of the responses were about exercising more or eating healthy, so here are some fresh ideas to consider making your own resolution:

-Learn something new every week (or day)

-Find a new hobby

-Read more books

-Stop procrastinating

-Tell people thank you more

-Be more organized

-Spend more time outside

-Increase your confidence

Whatever your resolutions may be, the keys to success are consistently managing your goals and find a support group to help encourage you when you find yourself slipping back into your old ways.