Eleven Straight Pins


Jason Troilo

The image is of player David Wendel. Taken by fellow team mates father, it is of David getting ready to field a ball before its pitched.

Jack Hayes, Staff writer

Superstitions are a huge part of sports and for teams it could be a uniform, a game day routine, or even just a game day outfit.  For the Heritage High School JV Baseball team it is their pin-stripe uniforms.  The team has been wearing these uniforms for nine straight games and have won all of them.  When junior outfielder Chris Hohenschutz was asked if the uniform was the reason they were winning he said, “Of course, the uniforms give the team an incentive.  Our coach said that when we lose we cant wear them the rest of the year.”

The team started out with a record of 1-2-1 and they are currently 10-2-1.  When sophomore outfielder Luke Nehring was asked if the superstition will continue to work he explained, ” The team all thinks that it will continue to work.  Not everyone thinks they look good but most think it works.”

The team has six more games on season and hopes to continue their streak with the uniforms.  They hope to set a record in the program for JV wins.