5 Things You Didn’t Know About Libby Eveland

Katelyn Jones, Staff Writer

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Photo provided By Libby Eveland
Libby is drum major for the Heritage High School Marching Band. You can find her waving her arms (also known as conducting) at every football game and competition.

Photo provided by Libby Eveland
Eveland’s favorite band is Florence and The Machine. Her favorite song by them is The End of Love.

Photo By Katelyn Jones
Between Marching Band, Jazz Band, and Symphonic Band, you will almost always be able to find Libby in the Bandroom.

Photo provided By Libby Eveland
Libby is exceptionally talented in the field of music. In her spare time, she composes music. This is one of the pieces that She has composed.

This is Libby with her Trombone all decorated for the Holiday Parade in Downtown Leesburg. She was originally going to play trumpet but then decided to stand out and play trombone instead.

Photo provided By Katelyn Jones
Libby is a huge UVA fan! She hopes to attend college at UVA after she finishes here at Heritage.