What is happening with the Brexit?

What is happening with the Brexit?

Bella Guerrero, Staff Writer

What is the Brexit?

Brexit is a combination of the words Britain and Exit, which is about how Britain may leave the European Union. Britain has been questioning the highs and lows of being a part of the European Union. To help decide the results they had a referendum, the results were extremely close. 51.9% of people wanted Britain to leave the European Union. A big reason people want Britain to leave the European Union is that they want to limit immigrants. Another reason is people believe that their economy will be better if Britain leaves the European Union. Disadvantages of leaving would be losing membership to the Union. For the Britain to leave the Union both governments must come to an agreement. The deadline for that agreement is October 31st.

What is happening with Brexit now?

Britain’s two political parties are arguing over Britain leaving the European Union. The two sides of government are arguing over this decision and whether or not it will happen. This struggle has already caused a one prime minister to resign, prime minister Theresa May announced her resignation on May 24th. Theresa resigned because she was not being able to come up with a plan to satisfy her party, her partners, and the seat of the European Union. Ms. May’s replacement, Boris Johnson, was determined on having Britain leave the European Union. Many lawmakers were outraged when Johnson announced that he would pull Britain from the Union even without a formal agreement. The move of Britain leaving the European Union would cause major economic damage to the Union. Lawmakers seized control of the legislative process which caused Johnson to lose his majority of the Parliament. He responded by tossing out rebels from his conservative party and demanding a new general election. October 31st is the deadline for the withdrawal. Johnson insists that he will be able to cut a deal with the Union before then, although time is running out.