What Even Is a Front Ensemble?

Katelyn Jones, Staff Writer

A Marching Band but without the Marching? Say what?! This year’s Heritage High School Marching Band has a Front Ensemble. Percussion is not marching on the field this season. There were mixed reactions from many people. Justin Klinge has been in Marching Band since his freshman year and is currently the Percussion Captain.  He loves to play the bass drum more than almost anything.


When asked about his initial reaction about no longer having the percussion section march, Klinge stated, “I was kinda sad, not gonna lie.” He had been marching on the field for three years and to hear the news, it was shocking. He felt that as a captain that he needed to step up and have a positive attitude even though this was a tremendous change for him as well as others. After a bit of time his reaction changed. Klinge said, “As the season goes on it’s kind of like, wow…! I don’t have to march at all. You look back and everyone else is tired and out of breath and I feel perfectly fine. I am cool and I am ready to run a mile.” 

As a member of the Color Guard Section it is extremely enjoyable to listen to the Front Ensemble and perform to the music that they make. The show just isn’t a show without the Front Ensemble. They feature the instruments as following: snare drum, marimba, bass drum, quints, suspended cymbals, bells, and vibraphones. In order to see the Heritage High School Front Ensemble in action, along with the rest of the Band and Guard, head to the Home Football Games or ask a member about Competition Dates.