Drumming Up Information on The HHS Marching Band!

Camille Garrett, Staff Writer

You see them every football game and maybe in the halls of Heritage High, but do you really know what they do? The marching band works extremely hard. Starting in the summer, they work to give you entertainment and songs that give you an experience beyond just the football game. The grind never stops for marching band as their training for the next year starts in July, in a challenging preseason infamously known as Band Camp.  Cherise Woodfolk, a sophomore that is apart of the percussion section of the band, says she is glad she joined marching band and wished she had joined it sooner. Although they start in the summer they continuously focus on technique, playing competition songs, and working on basics in marching. (For anyone interested in joining next year, see Mr.Herman in 807).

In the marching band, you can hold many different positions:  a band member in your instrument group, a captain(section leader), or a drum major. When speaking to Libby Eveland, one of the drum majors, we talked about her leadership role on the team and how they have been doing this competition season. She said that “it’s been weird because it feels like leadership, cause I’m telling them what to do and how to march and stuff, but at the same time I don’t feel like a leader because their all my friends and I just feel like another person in the band”. Libby also shared that her favorite part of being in the band are the competitions and the band bus rides. Which entail band kids screaming and having fun. Libby also discussed with me that marching band changed her in that it gave her more confidence. Along with being a great place for people to use their musical and performance abilities, the Heritage High School marching band is also very successful. In fact this past weekend the band started off their competition season with taking first place at a competition in Millbrook!