Cheez-its! Are they a snack or a trap?


Katelyn Jones, Staff Writer

Have you ever been Grocery Shopping and just couldn’t take your eyes off that beautiful box of Cheez-its? We have all been there at one point or another. But are they a snack or a trap? In my opinion they are a trap. When you see the box of Cheesy Crackers on the Shelf you just can’t resist them. Next, thing you know there is a box or five in your cart.

These Cheesy Crackers are a popular snack that is eaten every single day. While taking the PSAT many of the Cheez-its bags were seen in the trash empty from snack breaks. There is absolutely no better brain food then the delicious crackers that we all know and most of us love.

The main goal of a company is to sell the product and mark my words when I tell you Cheez-its can sell a product. They sell thousands of boxes of this delicious and addictive snack every single day. One taste and you will be hooked for good. My favorite kind of Cheez-its is the original and the snack mix. The small round bread pieces are the best ones in the snack mix.

Next time you eat Cheez-its stop and think. Are Cheez-its just a fun snack to enjoy every once in awhile or are they are trap because everytime they are eaten the whole box is gone. Either way it is okay. No one is judging we have all eaten a box of Cheez-its in one sitting at least once in our lives!