Tall Girl (2019) Movie Review


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“Tall Girl” Movie Cover

Anna Kahn, Staff Writer

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Tall Girl Movie Cover

Pretty sure everybody has seen the meme. A high school teenage girl who wears size 13 Nikes, men’s size 13 Nikes to be exact. That meme is from the movie, Tall Girl on Netflix that got released September 13, 2019. This meme originally surfaced on a very popular social media app called, TikTok. Twitter has also jumped onto the trend of poking fun at this movie. 

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“Tall Girl” Meme from a Tiktok user
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A twitter user’s reactions to “Tall Girl”

Tall Girl is about the tallest girl, Jodi, falling for a very handsome foreign exchange student, named Stig. She suddenly becomes part of a love triangle, soon realizes her insecurities are only hindering herself from finding out who is truly there for her. This love triangle is with the exchange student, Stig, herself, and her best “weird” boy friend named, Jack. Once Stig enters himself into the picture, many girls become smitten for him. Especially Jodi’s childhood tourmenter, Kimmy. 

Seems like Tall Girl is meant for preteens to help them “better accept their body”. Parents have very mixed reviews saying that it’s an amazing movie, but very cliche. Tall Girl is still on Netflix with 82% of Google users liking the movie.