Disney +: A New Kind of Streaming Service

Disney Plus Logo

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Disney Plus Logo

Kara Rottmann, Editor

Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video are all well known streaming services with hours of content. They have movies, TV shows, and short films that viewers love watching. However, the internet has been blowing up since the latest edition of streaming services has been released. It’s called Disney Plus. For just seven dollars a month, or more if you want Hulu and ESPN subscriptions included, you can have access to hours of Pixar Movies, shows, National Geographic documentaries, and even Disney Channel Original Movies that viewers haven’t been able to see since they first aired on Disney Channel. 

“The idea of a streaming war suggests conflict, or at least some degree of unpredictability. But when it comes to the streamers, Disney+ can’t lose, if losing means rejection by most consumers. Disney+ is going to be an essential part of any family’s streaming diet,” says Alex Sherman of CNBC News. 

Disney Plus has over one hundred hours of streaming content. Unlike other streaming services, they are add free. It also includes movies that you can’t watch anywhere else such as Disney Plus originals. The hit show “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” has already announced that there will be a second season just days after the second episode was released. Star Wars’ “The Mandalorian” is another original show that takes place in the Star Wars franchise universe. It’s been a hit so far.

The Cast of High School Musical: The Musical: The series

They also include a section of disney movies that are “Out of the Vault.” This refers to the period when Disney would only release certain films or special edition features that you could only buy for a certain period of time before it disappeared. This includes movies such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. Now, however, consumers have a chance to watch almost every Disney movie out there. Teenagers and young adults have been going crazy over the nostalgic Disney Channel Original TV shows that used to be their childhood. Lizzie McGuire, Kim Possible, That’s so Raven, and The Sweet Life of Zack and Cody, are just a few of these loved shows.

“Disney Plus is the best thing that has ever happened in America,” says senior Madison Muse, “Disney didn’t even have to try. They could have just put all of the content on the app and sit back and watch the money roll in. However, they are actually trying by creating new content that viewers will love.”

Star Wars’ “The Mandalorian”

Even more people around the globe, besides Americans, will have a chance to subscribe. The streaming service will be released in the UK and other European countries on March 31 of 2020.

With so many amazing streaming services out there, people were sceptical that it wouldn’t be worth the hype. However, on release day there were almost ten million subscriptions and profit seems to just keep going up. Consumers are excited to see what lies ahead for Disney Plus. If they were able to pull it off this well, it seems Disney Plus has a bright future ahead of them.