Which is better: The Office U.K. or The Office U.S.?

Camille Garrett, Staff Writer

I think it is safe to say the popular show The Office, has stolen the hearts of many. Whether it is the U.S. or UK version it has brought laughs and joy to most who have seen it. But a burning question remains in my mind every time I watch the shows: which is better, the U.S. version or the U.K. one. If you too have caught yourself asking this very question, have no fear! I have the  answer for you. It is the U.S. version of the show. Now I know what you’re thinking. How could this possibly true when the U.K. version was aired and produced first? While this may be true, The Office U.K. only lasted a whopping two seasons (14 episodes), while the U.S. version lasted 9 (201 episodes). The U.S. version not only gives the viewer more laughs, but more time to connect to characters and watch their lives unfold in the show. The next reason I will present to you pertains to the Romeo and Juliet of the office if you will. In the U.K. version you have Tim and Dawn played by Martin Freeman and Lucy Davis, two very talented actors. But in the U.S. version you have Jim and Pam played by John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer, who not only played the part well but had such a connection that they didn’t want to play the parts without each other. In an interview John Krasinksi describes their relationship as great friends but also says that a part of them are actually in love with each other because of the way they played the characters. The last bit of reasoning is the complexity of the jokes and pranks. For instance when Jim puts Dwight’s stapler in jello or when Michael ate a family sized chicken pot pie and fell asleep while the rest of the office changed the clocks, convinced him it was 5 o’clock and went home early. So with that, if you haven’t seen The Office I advise you to watch it and if you do watch continue watching while you still can because Netflix is taking it off soon!