High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: The Review


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Alanna Fumagali, Staff Writer

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Still from HSMTMTS

Just like Netflix, Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, offers their own original shows, the Mandalorian being one of the most popular. Another series, more popular among the younger users of Disney+, is High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Despite the long name and seemingly unnecessary use of colons, the show has caught on relatively quickly, and plenty of teens avidly await Friday mornings, when the new episode is released each week. But why has this show gotten so big?


As one might guess from the title, this new series has some relation to the 2006 Disney Channel Original, High School Musical. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series takes place at East High, the high school where HSM was shot. Miss Jenn, the new drama teacher at East High, announces that she plans to put on a production of High School Musical: The Musical. This provides opportunities for some familiar  settings and objects throughout the show.


“I think the series is really fun, especially for theatre kids, because it shows a lot of aspects, although at the same time, it doesn’t show those aspects in the best way,” says Heritage student Sydney Trollinger. “And it’s not always 100% accurate.”


“I like that it’s not tarnishing High School Musical’s name, because it’s such a good movie,” says Jonathan Kirkpatrick.


“I like the characters, even though they all make some bad choices, but I guess it helps the plot… thicken.” says Michele McKee.


Despite the agreement that HSM:TM:TS is overall a good show, it has sparked many heated debates over whether EJ or Ricky is the better character, and which of those characters Nini should ultimately end up with.


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Still of Joshua Bassett and Matt Cornett in HSMTMTS


According to Jonathan Kirkpatrick, “EJ is the better character, because Ricky is a flawed person.” 


“Ricky 100%,” says Sydney, “because he’s a kinder person, and EJ sneaks into people’s phones and does multiple bad things on screen.”


“EJ,” Michele says, “Because Ricky had his chance with Nini, and he should just get over her and stop trying to get her back.”


“Personally,” says Kelsey Smith, “I am broke, so I can’t afford Disney+, but from the TikToks I’ve watched, I am team Ricky.”


There is little that can be done about the plot of the show, as shooting for season one has already wrapped, so all we can do now is await for whatever Friday morning may bring.


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Still from HSMTMTS