Members of The Pride Search for Beauty

Flowers and Foliage

Flowers and Foliage

Camille Garrett, Staff Writer

Here at Heritage there are a lot of clubs and different organizations students can get involved in to connect with new people and follow interests. This year in the government classes, students came up with projects on how to change our school for the better. Students worked with each other and came up with ideas that could positively affect different aspects of the school.

 5 seniors, Haley McCormick, Julianne Pullela, Amanda Frisby, Katie Wilson, and Lindsay Venezuela, came up with the idea of a beautification club. “We designed our club to make the school prettier because there’s no flowers or things to uplift students which can be depressing,” Haley MCcormick said. The basis was to uplift spirits and the outside of school appealing to students. 

 These five seniors wanted to create a more visually appealing look to the school by planting flowers outside the school to boost morale. Amanda Frisby explains that the emphasis is, “to change the outside appearance of the school and to make it more positive.” To see how others would respond to this, they used a google quiz to poll students on whether or not they liked the idea of beautifying the school and or joining the club. The first thing they wanted an answer to was, are students happy to go to school and how do they see the school?  Lindsay explained that the poll was used to find out, “how students felt about school and whether they saw Heritage as a welcoming place or not.”

  Students responded well to the survey and the club had its first meeting a few months ago. Their goals in the future are to plant flowers and hopefully plant a tree as well! If anyone is interested in joining or learning more about the beautification club you can speak to any of the members!