CLBL Youth Coaching : See the Game From A Different Side

Courtesy of CLBL

Courtesy of CLBL

Camille Garrett, Staff Writer

The Central Loudoun Basketball League (CLBL) is a recreational basketball league that serves boys and girls from first to twelve grade in the Leesburg area.  CLBL not only provides students an opportunity to  play basketball, but to coach teams as well. Though the youth coaching program started a few years ago, the program has grown and is always in need of volunteers. 

The youth coaching program gives middle and high school students the chance to join the CLBL coaching staff. The youth coach requirements include being two to four years older than the grades they coach and having someone older than 18 at every practice and game. Along with meeting the requirements all coaches need to register in order to be assigned to teams. Earl Eck, A CLBL board members explains the registration process.  “Youth coaches register then are placed in a pool of applicants, and are then assigned to positions throughout the league based on  coaching vacancies / needs.”  This allows coaches to get the grade and gender that they will coach for the rest of the season and prepare accordingly. 

Students that have participated in the program in the past explain it as being fun and a new way to see the game of basketball. Emily Campbell, a senior at Heritage High School who coached fourth grade boys this past season said, “I decided to become a coach to help out with kids and teach them everything that I knew about basketball so they can implement it in their games.” This youth coaching program is an opportunity to spend time with kids and teach them the game of basketball. Abigail Kaspary, a senior at Tuscarora, also has reaped the benefits of coaching with CLBL. “I really enjoyed coaching because of the relationship I got to build with my team and being able to see them improve throughout the season, ” Kaspary said.

Making a bond with the players can help someone see the game from their point of view and better understand the game. Kaspary also said coaching taught her how to be flexible and change plans to fit the needs of the players for practices and during games. Being in the leadership position of a coach  also helped her improve organizational and time management skills. 

If joining the coaching staff for the next basketball season interests you, visit to explore that option.