The Price of Prom

Elise Woodfolk

Prom, short for promenade, is considered one of the biggest dances in a teenagers lifetime. Most students await the day they become juniors just to gain the privilege of being able to waltz into the dance with a long dress or a snazzy tuxedos, and others have gone with upperclassmen to experience it early. Prom throughout the ages has always been an expensive affair. In the modern day, people will spend up to $350 just on the promposal. The promposal! In the past, Heritage High School’s prom fee has been $75 this year, but when each student factors in the cost of various other items like clothing attire, a restaurant, transportation, the amount can be overwhelming. Erin Crowley, a senior at Heritage, stated that “It seems the price of additional items would be more expensive than the ticket.” Students understand why the event can be expensive, but we don’t know where the prom fee goes.

It seems the price of additional items would be more expensive than the ticket.”

— Senior, Erin Crowley

At Heritage High, Mrs. O’ Hare has been running the prom operation for the past three years. In an interview, she explained that in the past the majority of the prom fee went towards the $25,000 venue. This year, the school has changed the venue to a hotel so the majority of the money is being focused on the decorations and music. They will be producing a DJ who comes with various commodities, such as LED boards, a smoke machines, and a social media wall. 

Luckily, various services and articles are available to help students manage their money. A USAToday article advises students to rent clothes, search for accessory and restaurant deals, go with a group so can split the cost. At a local level, Rust Library provides a Prom Donation service where individuals can donate items and students can go pick out what they like. Prom may be an expensive experience, but people have been creating services that make the dance within reach to any  who wants to go.