Music You’ve Never Heard Of

Liam Sink, Staff Writer


Out of the seven billion people in this big beautiful world, a limited bunch of them are talented enough to be famous. Although there are a lot of very talented artists, many of them fall under the radar, releasing music to an audience of very few people. As a music lover, and a guy who appreciates any work of art, there are many artists I listen to that I would call underrated. These producers, singers, or  songwriters make up most of my music library. With the many artists in the world, I had to ask other people about the music they listen to that isn’t necessarily popular.


First, I asked myself this question. I love music, so I had a wide variety of artists to choose from. Singer Allie X has a sound that could make anybody feel spectacular, so I decided to write about her. Her genre is a cute and fun Electric Pop that really gets your heart beating. All around, she is a good person with amazing and meaningful music. Two songs I recommend to first-time listeners are Never Enough and Old Habits Die Hard.

I asked one person from each grade here at Heritage High School the same question. Their responses were all different and varied, not surprisingly. Senior David N. Andreas recommends that the general public listens to Singer/Songwriter Zella Day. Andreas states that Day’s sound is very meaningful with very deep lyrics. Her music is thoughtful and leaves you thinking. He mentions that he likes Day because of her soft, loving voice. I also asked him what two songs he would recommend to first time listeners. Compass and 1969 are the songs that I was told. Both are a sort of alternative pop genre.

I asked Faith Johnson the same question. She replied with The Jezabels, an Indie band. She enjoys their joyful sound, even while their lyrics are meaningful. I asked her about their songs. Piece of Mind and Easy to Love are good songs to listen to, according to her.

While they are popular nowadays, with a new album just released, junior Elise Woodfolk says that one of her favorite bands is Panic! At the Disco. She agrees that the alternative rock band is not “very underrated”, but she states that “she doesn’t listen to very unknown music.” She also said that the lead singer, Brendon Urie, has a stunning voice both live and on recording. Woodfolk revealed to me that she only listens to artists that can perform well live, and she confirms that Panic! At the Disco is a treat for the ears. A song that Woodfolk recommends to first time listeners is “Nine in the Afternoon.”

Somebody tell freshman Grace Utendorf that the 70’s are over! When I asked her my question, she replied with the band Fleetwood Mac. While I see the band as losing its relevance, Utendorf tries to tell me otherwise. “Each song has a different sound unlike today’s artists.” She says they are very old but have an amazing sound. Utendorf was not able to give me a genre for the band though, as they are known as a rock band, but are still very relaxing and softer than most bands from the time. The songs Grace enjoys and wants you to enjoy are titled Welcome to the Room and Dreams.