Halloween at Heritage

Joseph Goff

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Halloween is a great holiday that is celebrated throughout the world to honor the dead. However, in modern times, it is celebrated very differently than it was many years ago.

“I love to go out and try to scare people,” said Nick Iman.  Being scared is a big part of Halloween with lots of people going to haunted houses and watching scary movies with their friends.

But scaring people isn’t everything that Halloween is about.  Johnnie Machado said that he loves decorating

his house and looking at other people’s  decorations.  Last year, people all over the world spent over $2.7 Billion on decorations alone.

Some people prefer relax during Halloween, by watching movies and hanging out with their friends.  “I like just hanging out with my friends and eating candy,” said Josh Frye.

Halloween is a great holiday that is celebrated in many different ways and is fun for all.