Students’ Sticker Stories

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Students’ Sticker Stories

Macy Peterson's Laptop Stickers

Macy Peterson's Laptop Stickers

Macy Peterson's Laptop Stickers

Macy Peterson's Laptop Stickers

Kaley Scherrer, Staff Writer

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Many students at Heritage have laptops that are decorated with a collage of stickers. Sometimes the stickers come with stories about how and where the students got them. I interviewed a few people, asking them about their own stickers.


Lauren Miles (senior) received stickers

from her boyfriend. They’re characters and little details

from her favorite movie, which she says

has a good message and soundtrack.


Lauren Kaine (senior) found and ordered

stickers on Amazon. She doesn’t have a

favorite because there are too many to like.


Macy Peterson (sophomore) got stickers

from Redbubble and a few other places.

Her favorite is the “You Birkenrock” sticker.


Three juniors who wish to remain anonymous all got stickers from a few different places. A lot of them came from big corporations including Zumies, Vans, Yeti, and MOD Pizza. Other stickers came from random sources including a boyfriend, a shooting range, and websites. They say that the stickers represent things that they like, hobbies, and it’s a way to personalize their laptops and make them special. Also, it is fun. One of the students had a laptop case that she had covered with stickers, but she has since then had to restart her collage. Her favorite was a head with fire in all pastel colors. One of the juniors said the Ripndip sticker was their favorite, and the third person said that they “don’t do favorites.”


As for myself, I’ve gotten stickers from multiple sources including Myrtle Beach, a Beats box, a Lego box, and my boyfriend. My laptop sticker theme is red and it is still under construction for now.


Decorating laptops is a fun way to show your creative side, and represent different interests. Though it can look a bit messy at times, it’s still an enjoyable activity.

Lauren Mile’s Laptop Stickers




Macy Peterson’s Laptop Stickers


Three juniors’ laptops


My Laptop Stickers