What’s Your Favorite Book?

Kaley Scherrer, Staff Writer

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Books can take the readers to different places, time periods, and universes, all while sitting in one spot. One hundred people could read the exact same description of a scene and they’d all have a different image in their heads. To learn more about what books people like, a survey was sent to a few students here at Heritage. Their answers were anonymous.


Some of the favorites books were Chaos Walking, Tale of Two Cities, Fangirl, We Were Here, and Ready Player One. A lot of people said that these books were their favorite because they were interesting, funny, relatable, the plot was entertaining, and the character development was intriguing.


Books tend to provide comfort for the readers, though, sometimes they can cause second-hand embarrassment, or frustration.


One respondent said that Station Eleven was another favorite. “I love the writing style, the character descriptions and how you get into their heads, and the plot/themes that connect everything together.”


Each book is different for each person.


Talking about Anne of Green Gables, a student said “the setting is beautiful.”


For Tale of Two Cities, the plot was described as having excellent twists.


From picture books to novels, people have enjoyed reading for all of time. Some say it’s as if a movie is playing in your head. It used to be a gift only the rich could have, but now many people can learn how to read. Though plenty of people dislike reading, everyone has a favorite book, even if they haven’t discovered it yet.