The Reasons Behind Holiday Sales Before Thanksgiving.

Aron Singel

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Holiday sales. Although they support dreidels, presents, and the jolly fat man we all know as Santa, they can contain some excess ingredients that may give the dish of milk and cookies a bitter taste. The bitterness being that holiday sales as of now tend to start at least a month before Thanksgiving. Most customers are surprised to see jolly St. Nick being in the spotlight of November sales instead of the good old Thanksgiving turkey. So why start “The Holidays”  before Thanksgiving you may ask? The answer is but a small, simple answer: business and marketing. Owners of businesses that focus on holidays celebrated throughout the year may see a lack of income on certain holidays rather than others. As we all know, money is everything in the world of business. When business managers started to see a lack of income around Thanksgiving period, they, with the help of their employees, looked for another possible outlook to satisfy their customers. Thus, early holiday sales emerged. However, not everyone is happy with this new outlook. Some like to keep holidays in sync. These sales can make one wish for the end of the holiday season. Others don’t care one way or the other, as long as they get to binge watch their favorite movies without hearing about business and economics. However, this may be because people love the holiday season, and there is nothing wrong with that. It’s just that it would preferably be best to take the holiday seasons one step at a time.