The New Apple Faces

Peyton Fisher, Staff Writer

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The Smiling Face with Three Hearts emoji is adorable. It is very similar to another smiling emoji, but the hearts give it the perfect touch to differentiate it from the others. 10/10



The Hot Face is great for days in the sun when you’re dying of heat exhaustion. However there aren’t many other situations it can be used for. 7/10



The Partying Face is a great emoji for sending a friend a happy birthday text! This emoji is very festive, but other older party emojis could suffice. 8/10



The Pleading Face is another one of my favorites. This emoji is the perfect amount of sad and pleading, so that it can be used as a sad or begging face. 10/10



The Woozy Face is a very interesting emoji. The face is silly and it is hard to take this emoji seriously. I have mixed feelings towards this emoji’s strange face. 5/10



The Curly Haired Woman is so adorable. Her hair and eyes are so pretty, but like the Straight Haired Woman, there aren’t many occasions to use the emoji. 9/10


The White Haired Woman is another favorite. She does not look old, but rather she dyed her hair white. She looks so cool and makes me want to dye my hair white. 10/10



In conclusion, the new emojis are very cool and fun. However most of the older emojis could suffice in their places. New emojis in the future should be less of different variations of the same emoji and more new faces and ideas.